Wallis Knot



WALLIS KNOT is the New York City-based experimental theater company that developed DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES.

...reinventing a classic, and in using the medium of theater to explore its visual, sonic, and kinetic possibilities, Connolly has hit on a novel approach.
— NYTheatre.com

Founded in 2003 by Eileen Connolly, Wallis Knot is dedicated to devising and producing new plays and reinvented literary classics that explore issues of historical and social significance. Our productions combine genre blending, film projections, dance, musical underscoring, multiple languages, and the occasional puppet. Our plays have premiered at NYC's Theater for the New City/Dream Up Festival, New York Musical Theater Festival, SoHo’s HERE art center, the New York International Fringe Festival, the Connelly Theatre, Hudson Guild Theatre, New Actors Workshop and the American Theatre of Actors.

The whole show has a deft, debonair touch that makes the 90 minutes swim along with humor and high spirits.
— CurtainUp.com

up next

Irish born Gina Costigan is co-producing a new play by Eileen Connolly about the immigrant Irish in America during the Civil War. We plan to premiere this crime thriller in Ireland before returning to NYC. Stay tuned for updated info. 

Additionally, another new play is in development, written specifically for my two darling Irish gals, Gina Costigan and Aedin Moloney. This cold-war spy drama is the final installment of Eileen's WWII trilogy, which includes romantic comedy Between Two Worlds and musical Daughter of the Waves. 

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production history

2003  SEEING ANDRE GIDE (New Actors Workshop)

2004  DRACULA JOURNALS  (American Theater of Actors)

2005  DANCE WITH ME, HARKER (New York International Fringe Festival)

2006  LATE TO THE REPUBLIQUE (NY Conservatory)

2007  HAMLET (NY Conservatory)


2009  MEET THE AUTHOR Reading Series: Joseph Goodrich

2009  CLOSED OUT OF TOWN Reading Series: Ellery Queen


2009  BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Hudson Guild Theater)

2009  MACBETH (Hudson Guild)

2010  DUCHESS OF MALFI (Connelly Theater)

2011  BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (HERE arts center, SoHo)

2013  Resident Artists/NYU with Roschman Dance

2014  DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES (Theatre for a New City)

2015  DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES (New York Musical Theater Festival)

Connolly’s handsome stage pictures seductively draw the audience into her world.
— Backstage
Supercharged with bursts of kinetic energy and humor...certain to captivate.
— Show Business Weekly

the company 2017

Christopher Austin, Annalisa Chamberlin, Gina Costigan, Jay Goldenberg, Andhy Mendez, Connie Rotunda




a sampling of Eileen Connolly's directing work, featuring the design and choreography that Wallis Knot is known for, from the productions of "Macbeth" and "Duchess of Malfi" (at Hudson Guild & Connelly Theater, for NYCDA).