1941. The windswept coast of Ireland.

After smuggling Jewish refugees out of Nazi Europe, a traveling theater-circus troupe must face their biggest challenge: how to find Hope in the face of political strife, bigotry and fear.

Based on true events, DAUGHTER OF THE WAVES is a story of redemption, a tale of how ordinary people found the strength to stand up against hatred, and discovered the healing power of family.

When the world fell apart...Love put it back together.



a richly layered and moving play
— TalkinBroadway.com





ABOVE PHOTOS (Left to Right): Eli Zoller; Annalisa Chamberlin; Nikki Nasto; Stephanie Fournier.

THIS PAGE BACKGROUND PHOTO: Jay Goldenberg, Connie Rotunda.

COVER PAGE PHOTO: Andhy Mendez and Connie Rotunda with Stephanie Fournier on silks.

ALL PHOTOS by Silvia Saponaro.